It should come as no surprise that Gerry Monaghan is an artist who is also the son of a Social Studies teacher.

He came to Ancestor Project and Active Ancestry through his work in graphic design and in printing. He started working in traditional prepress in photo labs and as a graphic designer for companies like The Campbell’s Soup Company, IBM, General Foods and Pepsico. He came to the realization that commercial art is disposable art-which is now landfill.

With more than 30 years experience in programs like Photoshop & Illustrator, Gerry has the eye and the heart of an artist. His continuous tone and halftone engravings are rich & beautiful. Gerry loves sharing his passion for active ancestry with anyone who will listen.

Ancestor Project is dedicated to creating heirlooms quality engravings and artifacts of personal history. We want to help people ‘lend to permanence’ by taking an active role in exploring and rediscovering their personal photography and family heirlooms.

We have a variety of engraving products available which are perfect for house warming gifts, wedding gifts, or memorials & tributes. Our large format engravings on locally sourced Finger Lakes hardwoods and  clear pines, are perfect for memorials, tributes, and awards.

We customize every engraving order to make every piece a keepsake for generations.